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Field Practice; An Inspection Manual for Property Owners, Fire Departments and Inspection Offices, Covering Fire Hazards and Their Safeguarding and Fire Protection and Upkeep

By: National Fire Protection Associaton

... HELLER^- CONSULTH: FIELD PRACTICE AN INSPECTION MANUAL FOR PROPERTY OWNERS, FIRE DEPARTMENTS AND INSPECTION OFFICES COVERING COMMON FIRE HAZARDS AND ... ...D INSPECTION OFFICES COVERING COMMON FIRE HAZARDS AND THEIR SAFEGUARDING AND FIRE PROTECTION AND UPKEEP PRICE, $1.50 PUBLISHED BY NATIONAL FIRE PROTEC... ...ION ASSOCIATION '/ 87 MILK STREET, BOSTON, MASS. COPYRIGHT 1914 BY NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION FIRE PROTECTION AND ITS BROAD MEANING Fire p... ...ction by Fire Underwriting interests to determine the merits of the risk for insurance. For this reason, there can be no one form of inspection blank ... ...tatements of the results of the investigations are bulletined to the various insurance organizations and com- panies subscribing to or co-operating wi... ...red by State law or City Ordinance, and as specified under condition of fire insurance policy, if insurance is carried on the property affected. 12. F...

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